Vermillion Youth Soccer Association Code of Conduct  
                                                             PLEASE READ!

We are a volunteer organization and rely on parents/guardians and the public in general to provide an infrastructure for recreational soccer in Vermillion and surrounding areas.

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to encourage all involved to RESPECT the game, rules, officials, club or association, and the public.

Parents/Guardians & Spectators

  • Respect the authority of  all Referee Officials
  • Respect the Players, Coaches & Assistant Coaches at all levels.
  • Support the soccer match by cheering and supporting the efforts of all participants in a positive manner.
  • No use of foul or abusive language will be tolerated at anytime.
  • Sportsmanship & integrity is the corner stone of this sport and you are expected to be a role model for the participants.
  • No coaching from the sidelines.


  • Performance as coach is not measured in wins & loses, but rather what you teach the players in terms of techniques, sportsmanship and integrity.
  • Respect for game officials.
  • VYSL will not tolerate any foul or abusive language or mental, verbal or physical abuse at any level.
  • Coaches should lead by example and your players will be a reflection of you.
  • Be able to teach players the rules of the game, rules of fair play,
    and good sportsmanship.


  • All players have a responsibility to their team, coaches, soccer organization and parents/guardians.
  • They represent their team on and off the field.
  • Play the game within the laws and spirit of the game.
  • Prompt attendance at games, training sessions, meetings and show respect to your team and officials.
  • Have a positive attitude towards the team and all those who support the game of soccer.
  • Players will at no time berate, abuse, or harass the referee or their officials at anytime.
  • Show respect for the opponents, their coaches, and visiting parents/guardians.

Officials & Volunteers

  • Responsible for the safety of players/coaches during a match and upholding the laws & spirit of the game.
  • Referees must know the rules of the game, their interpretation, and application.
  • Expected to honor all assignments or contractual obligation as it relates to soccer.
  • Conduct themselves honorably and with dignity at all time.
  • Strive to achieve teamwork with fellow officials & volunteers.
  • Have respect for other officials and avoid criticism of their performance.
  • Officials should be able to control players, coaches, parents & spectators effectively in a courteous and considerate manner.
  • Not to discriminate or take undue advantage of any individual or group based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
  • Volunteers must also reflect the ideals of the sport and support soccer to maintain the highest possible standards.

Although this Code of Conductis to be used as a guideline, it is anticipated that common sense will be your greatest asset. It is the intention of VYSL that recreational soccer is FUN for all those who participate whether they are officials, volunteers, spectators, coaches, players or parents/guardians.

As a member of VYSL, we represent everything that is soccer to the community at large and for those who visit us, wewant them to know that we uphold the highest ideals, and show the upmost sportsmanship.

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