Vermillion Youth Soccer Association
Policies & Procedures
(March 2011)


  • Dates of registration are set by the board each season with the goal of giving the registrar enough time to set teams and the Games Coordinator and Referee Director enough time to schedule games and referees.
  • Registration deadline date is final.  Any registrations that are postmarked on the deadline date will be accepted, but any registrations received after that date will be returned.
  • Our league follows the South Dakota Soccer Association Age Matrix for assigning players to their respective age bracket.  The matrix changes every fall and can be found on our league’s website for reference.
  • We will not make any exceptions to play a child “up” at a higher level of play to be with a sibling or a friend.  Our league strictly follows the South Dakota Soccer Association Age Matrix.  If there is a special player circumstance, then a letter to the board may be submitted for review.

Player Equipment

  • Soccer cleats are recommended but not required for each player. 
  • Shin guards are mandatory for all players. 
  • Goalies are allowed to wear goalie gloves.
  • The home team shall be responsible to change jerseys if the referee deems it necessary.
  • Player’s equipment will be inspected before each game.  In addition to shin guards, referees will inspect shoes and any other items worn by players.  (All jewelry must be removed – NO exceptions.)  Any equipment that is deemed dangerous by the referee will not be allowed.


  • All coaches are required to complete a Disclosure Form.   The form must be completed before they are allowed to have any contact with the youth in the Vermillion Soccer Association.  This is a State Soccer Rule and we must abide by it or the league can be fined $500 per coach if the Disclosure Form is not current.
  • All coaches in our league will receive a Coaching Handbook that they are responsible for returning at the end of each spring season.
  • All coaches in our league will receive a Coach’s Bag that includes two soccer balls, soccer jerseys for scrimmaging, cones, and a first aid kit.   Each coach is responsible for the contents of the bag and returning it to the Equipment Manager at the end of the spring season.


  • The Referee Director will direct the League’s referee program.
  • All referees employed by the league, agree to work according by USSF’s standards and the VYSL’s Referee By-Laws.
  • All referees in our league are paid through the soccer association at the end of each season.
  • The Referee Director shall be responsible for recruiting and organizing the training of the referees under the United States Federation guidelines.  The Vermillion Youth Soccer League will only use USSF certified referees.
  • The Referee Director is highly recommended to have an advanced knowledge of the USSF rules and regulations, and will also serve as the League’s Referee Assigner.
  • All board members, parents, coaches, and players are instructed to contact the Referee Director for all issues regarding VYSL’s referees.

Game Scheduling and Cancellations

  • The Games Coordinator schedules 6 games for each age level (with the exception of high school) and we need to have the coaches play at least 5 games.  If there is a reason for rescheduling or there is a weather conflict, coaches need to try to make-up each game if possible. 
  • If U8, U10, or U12 coaches need to reschedule a game for any reason, they are responsible for contacting the Games Coordinator.  The Games Coordinator and the Referee Director will coordinate referees for the rescheduled game.

Weather Cancellation

  • It is agreed that everyone will play in most weather conditions with the exception of excessive downpour, thunderstorm, or snowstorm.   The board will always consider the safety of all the players and will take into account potential damage to soccer fields when deciding whether or not to play or to cancel games. 
  • A decision by the board to call off games will take place by 8:00 a.m. on game day.  Coaches, parents, and players should check the league’s soccer website:  to check for cancellation announcements.  If there is no announcement of cancellation, then games will play as scheduled.
  • If games are cancelled for that day, then it is advised that each coach attempt to communicate with each of their players by email or phone to inform them of the cancelled game. 
  • If a recreation game is cancelled due to inclement weather, then the Games Manager will start working on rescheduling the cancelled games.  It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure each player is made aware of any rescheduled games.
  • Exception:  U6 coaches have the right to cancel their games due to weather, even if the board does not cancel games due to rain or cold.  We are leaving it up to the U6 coaches to decide what is best for their young players.  The board will allow this exception because U6 teams do not require the scheduling of a referee and their games do not have to be rescheduled or approved by the Games Coordinator.  It is up to the U6 coaches to reschedule their own games, keeping in mind that they need to play at least 5 games during the season.

Lightning Rule
As soon as lightning is detected, evacuate the field.  Have players and spectators go to shelter, like their cars or an open building.

  1. The referees and coaches will monitor the skies for 15 minutes after the first lightning strike is detected.   Any time within that 15 minute period, if there is more lightning, then the game is called off.  If no lightning is spotted, then the game may resume.  NOTE: If the game is called off in the second half, then the score would be considered final and we would not reschedule the match.
  2. If a rec. game is cancelled due to lightning, then the Games Manager will do his/her best to contact the coaches that are scheduled to play the next game.  The board will also get the posting on the website ASAP. 
  3. In the future, if the 9am game is cancelled due to lightning or otherwise, then ALL the rec. games for the day will be cancelled – period!  No other team will continue their game if it’s being played here in town.  We will hold to this decision for the safety of all of the players!

NOTE:  The cancellation rule does NOT apply to the high school teams! 
The coaches make their game decisions separately.

Seeking proper shelter
No place outside is safe near thunderstorms.
The best shelter is a large, fully enclosed, substantially constructed building. 
A vehicle with a solid metal roof and metal sides is a reasonable second choice.

If there is no proper shelter, avoid the most dangerous locations:

  • Higher elevations
  • wide open areas, including fields
  • tall isolated objects, such as trees, poles, or light posts
  • unprotected open buildings
  • rain shelters
  • bus stops
  • metal fences and metal bleachers

If you cannot avoid these locations, crouch down on the balls of your feet with your head tucked into your chest and your hands over your ears.

Adding New Players/Teams

  • After spring registration is complete, the registrar will assess how many new players are in each age level.   If enough new players have registered, then new teams will be formed.  If however, there are not enough players to form a new team, then new players will simply be added to existing teams. New players will be added onto teams that have the fewest players, but if teams are already even, then they will be added to existing teams randomly with the goal to make the teams as evenly distributed as possible.

Code of Conduct
The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to encourage all involved to RESPECT the game, rules, officials, club or association, and the public.
Parents/Guardians & Spectators

  • Respect the authority of  all Referee Officials
  • Respect the Players, Coaches & Assistant Coaches at all levels.
  • Support the soccer match by cheering and supporting the efforts of all participants in a positive manner .
  • No use of foul or abusive language will be tolerated at anytime.
  • Sportsmanship & integrity is the corner stone of this sport and you are expected to be a role model for the participants.
  • No coaching from the sidelines.


  • Performance as coach is not measured in wins & loses, but rather what you teach the players in terms of techniques, sportsmanship and integrity.
  • Respect for game officials.
  • VYSL will not tolerate any foul or abusive language or mental, verbal or physical abuse at any level.
  • Coaches should lead by example and your players will be a reflection of you.
  • Be able to teach players the rules of the game, rules of fair play,
    and good sportsmanship.


  • All players have a responsibility to their team, coaches, soccer organization and parents/guardians.
  • They represent their team on and off the field.
  • Play the game within the laws and spirit of the game.
  • Prompt attendance at games, training sessions, meetings and show respect to your team and officials.
  • Have a positive attitude towards the team and all those who support the game of soccer.
  • Players will at no time berate, abuse, or harass the referee or their officials at anytime.
  • Show respect for the opponents, their coaches, and visiting parents/guardians.

Officials & Volunteers

  • Responsible for the safety of players/coaches during a match and upholding the laws & spirit of the game.
  • Referees must know the rules of the game, their interpretation, and application.
  • Expected to honor all assignments or contractual obligation as it relates to soccer.
  • Conduct themselves honorably and with dignity at all time.
  • Strive to achieve teamwork with fellow officials & volunteers.
  • Have respect for other officials and avoid criticism of their performance.
  • Officials should be able to control players, coaches, parents & spectators effectively in a courteous and considerate manner.
  • Not to discriminate or take undue advantage of any individual or group based on race, color, religion, sex or national origin.
  • Volunteers must also reflect the ideals of the sport and support soccer to maintain the highest possible standards.

Although this Code of Conductis to be used as a guideline, it is anticipated that common sense will be your greatest asset. It is the intention of VYSL that recreational soccer is FUN for all those who participate whether they are officials, volunteers, spectators, coaches, players or parents/guardians.

As a member of VYSL, we represent everything that is soccer to the community at large and for those who visit us, wewant them to know that we uphold the highest ideals, and show the upmost sportsmanship.


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